Pushing Along

Still hard at work on the Escape project, and the outline of the book that sort of splintered off out of it. A few life changes pushed me a little off track with both the project and my crocheting and I’m trying to get back on track.

Drowned History finished last Wednesday with 29 chapters. I’m not going to lie, I got a little teary-eyed when I posted it. I started it to get my head back into the writing game and finished it in a little under a month. It was so much fun. And now that I’m finished posting it I feel a little empty.

Thankfully a good friend on Twitter gave me a really good idea for a short(ish) story and after letting it stew a week or so I think I’ve got a really good handle on how to make it work. I’ll probably post it on Wattpad, provided I can come up with something resembling a cover. I really don’t want to just make some crappy, slapped-together cover but I’m also not able to buy a cover for something short and simple like this.

Maybe I’ll figure out a simple cover whose title can be changed whenever I write a short story and post it. I wish Photoshop didn’t cripple my old computer, I have a nice template I worked on for about a week that would have been great with a cheap stock image on it. I can afford a cheap stock image.

This story idea is almost entirely about dreams and dreaming, and certain parts of Drowned History had a very strong emphasis on dreaming, which makes me wonder if maybe I shouldn’t figure out another short story about dreaming and put them together in a sort of collection. I wonder if anyone would buy such a thing?

Vic Quest™

Why did I start my new Wattpad account with the name Vic Quest and why is it my display name on Twitter (for now)? You can actually thank my boss for that one.

When I got my hair cut last December he said I needed a new name, one that fit my new hair. I said I like the name Vic (way too many rewatches of The Shield) and he said it was a cool name.  He also said that he knew a girl named Jen Quest, and that it was a cool last name. So on that fateful day he dubbed me Vic Quest, and he occasionally refers to me as such, usually in regards to my writing. He let me borrow a book for research earlier this year, asking if it was for my writing and wishing Vic Quest luck in finding what she needed in a veterinary parasitology textbook. What she was looking for will have to be a surprise for all of you, I’m afraid.

It was sort of a joke and I fully intended to put Vic Quest on my book covers on Wattpad, but the girl who did the covers for me (they’re serious sully the best premades I have ever seen) put my actual name on the cover of Drowned History and I decided to go with it. I merged the two accounts but left my username as Vic Quest.

I don’t know if I ever explained the whole VQ thing on Twitter before but I figured I probably should since I changed my display name to have it before my actual boring name. It’s not like I really have a personal brand on there anyway apart from retweeting cat nonsense and pictures of what we made for dinner.

Work on Escape continues. It seems like it’s going to end up being a series of sorts. From what I have and what still needs to be written, it’ll  probably be around 100,000 words. A little excessive for one book, even an ebook. Might be perfect to split into two, or maybe even three. Trilogies are good, right? People love trilogies.

Updates Galore!

Guess who’s been a busy lady? I added two new pages with information and links to places where you can buy my two books – Plans and People Who Should Know Better and a page with links to my free ongoing stories – Drowned History and Escape – on Wattpad. Wattpad is really weird about letting you read stories. If you try to read it from the main story page it wants you to sign up before it will let you read. But if you read it from the first chapter, as I have linked on the Free Stories page, it doesn’t try and make you join. I don’t know. Technology, man.

I started my old Wattpad account last year around this time and tried to start putting bits of Escape up but it never really happened. When I started Drowned History (what my Twitter followers will know as my “bullshit AU”) I started a new account with the user name of Vic Quest (thanks to my boss, who is kind of a dork), completely forgetting about my old one. So now the two are merged and I plan to start some more rewrites and update Escape more frequently once I finish with Drowned History. Thankfully, that one is in the can so it won’t interfere with the July session of Camp NaNoWriMo! If you’re into that sort of thing, I’m Chickie Pants on there and would love to be friends. Or cabinmates. Whatevs.

I plan to put excerpts up for the books this weekend if I have more time, and also put up some stuff about my crochet habits and cats. Also, my screed on why NaNoWriMo isn’t a cancer on the ass of writing, just in time for Camp. There’s more content on the site now but I’ve still got a lot of work to do. One of these days I can afford to make a real site. ONE DAY.

Anyway, please enjoy the updates and read some stuff, or buy some stuff (even better!) and tell me what you’re thinking or join Wattpad so you can start telling me off over there or vote for my stories. And be sure to follow me on Twitter if you don’t already so you can get updates about my stuff and hear all about my cats and my current obsession with Love Live! Seriously, that game has eaten my soul. It’s all because I like J-Pop. And rhythm games. CURSE YOU DDR.